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Custom Designed Organizational Diversity & Inclusion Change Plan

  • We begin with a diagnostic tool and discussions designed to assess the present state of diversity and inclusion at your organization

  • We then conduct intense interviews with organizational leaders and stakeholders to assess goals in the area of diversity and inclusion

  • Then we custom design a plan to achieve your goals and intended outcomes that lead to a culture of diversity and inclusion within your organization

  • Your organization’s custom plan is uniquely designed to include elements that work

  • There is no cookie-cutter organization, nor is there a standardized plan for an organizational climate of diversity and inclusion

  • Our process intends to assist your organization in engaging the necessary forward-thinking work that will bring about real and lasting change…DIVERSITY REALIZED...

  • RealizeDiversity is prepared to assist with plan implementation and programming, including employee and leader training.

Diagnostic Information/Data Gathering and Recommendations

  • Your Customized Organizational DEI Assessment

Full-day Workshops

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 101

  • Understanding Privilege

  • Recognizing Microaggressions & Biases

  • Contributing to Diversity & Inclusion

Two-day Retreats

  • Creating a Diverse Culture – Why Now?

  • Creating a Diverse Culture - The Long-term Vision

  • Creating a Diverse Culture and Implications for Organizational Change

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