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Our Team

Juanita Carroll, MLS


Juanita Carroll is a founding partner of RealizeDiversity.  Prior to devoting her time to the causes of Diversity, Inclusion & Equity, she worked extensively in the areas of public health, urban health, health disparities, health education, and programming tools designed to engage college students of color.

Juanita holds a Bachelor of Science from Stockton University in New Jersey where she studied Social Work, a Master of Legal Studies from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Certificate of Diversity & Inclusion from Cornell University.  During her career, Juanita has been employed in the areas of infection control, and cancer genetics.  Additionally, as the parent of an adult with Autism Disorder, she has become well-versed in policies that affect the developmentally disabled.

Juanita’s philosophy is that Diversity and Inclusion training should promote positive transformation within the management, and staff through honest and frank teaching that achieves the best results for change.  Juanita can guide businesses, organizations, and educational institutions in the areas of:

  • Building a Diverse, Inclusive & Equal Environment for your Organization

  • Identifying and Confronting Implicit Biases and Macroaggressions

  • Creating a Sense of Universal Belonging Within Your Organization and Educational Institution

  • Issues in Health and Learning Disparities

In her free time, Juanita reads, enjoys documentaries and games, and actively mentors first-generation college students. 

Dr. Donavon Soumas,


Dr. Soumas, a founding partner of RealizeDiversity LLC, is an educational leader with 15+ years experience in private K-12 education and business enterprise.  As an inspiring leader to thousands of people from different cultural backgrounds, Dr. Soumas strives to encourage students and communities to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion—through music and performing arts programs.


Dr. Soumas holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Pedagogy from Centenary College of Louisiana, a Master of Arts in Education and Human Development from The George Washington University in D.C., and a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from the University of New England in Maine.

Dr. Evelyn J. Thomas

Over the course of a 37-year career as an educator from Kindergarten through college, Dr. Evelyn Thomas has a demonstrated commitment to supporting education for all people regardless of who they are, or their means. It is her belief that education is a key determining factor for success, and she has dedicated herself to helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds gain access to the opportunities that a college degree can provide.

Dr. Thomas believes that schools, especially colleges and universities, should reflect the diverse tapestry of the larger population, and along with her partners, Juanita Thomas Carroll, and Donavon Soumas, designed RealizeDiversity to assist organizations as they strive to achieve this goal.  To that end, Dr. Thomas’ research centers around organizational change, and helping establishments understand what is necessary to introduce change relating to Diversity and Inclusion at their companies and educational institutions.

Dr. Thomas holds an Ed.D in Educational Leadership from the University of New England in Maine, an Ed.M in Educational Administration and Supervision from Rutgers University Graduate School of Education in New Jersey, and a BA in Music Education from Rutgers University – Douglass College.

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